Employment and business law bulletin - June 2018

£1.6 million fine for H&S breaches

In a recent case dealt with in the Newcastle Crown Court, some serious H&S shortcomings came to light at a factory from South Tyneside. Two separate incidents within a year led to a fine of £1.6 million. This case illustrates the importance of properly handling H&S matters in the workplace.

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The Trade Secrets Regulations 2018

Do you know the definition of a trade secret? Read our article on the new Trade Secrets Regulations 2018 to find out more. 
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New guidance on “appropriate measures” under the GDPR

Businesses must implement appropriate technical and organisations measures to ensure appropriate security of personal data under the GDPR. What does “appropriate measures” mean in the context of a small business? 

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Zero hours worker compares their treatment with worker on similar type of contract 

In the case of Roddis v Sheffield Hallam University [2018], a zero hours worker challenged an employment tribunal’s decision which found that he had picked the wrong colleague to compare his mistreatment with. 
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Disputed employment status case ends in favourable result for the employer

In the recently reported case the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) had to consider whether the nature of an engagement between a charity and an individual created a contract of employment.

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Landmark ruling on employment status 

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the Pimlico Plumbers challenge to a Court of Appeal ruling which upheld an earlier decision that one of its operatives was incorrectly categorised as self-employed and was in fact a “worker”.

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