Employment and business law bulletin - August 2018

Posting photos on the internet 

We often get asked what the position is on the use of images found online. Read our summary on a recent case to find out what you can and can’t do.

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The concept of "business premises" in a sales contract concluded on a stand at a trade fair

Should you give a consumer 14 days to withdraw from a sale contract concluded on a stand at a trade fair? This is the question that recently made the headlines in legal circles in Europe. Find out more about the facts and what the court said.
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New report on the gender pay gap

The BEIS has issued a new report on the gender pay gap. One of its recommendations is to change the reporting requirement to those with over 50 employees. Find out more about the other recommendations by reading our article here. 

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Ignoring gas safety rules has implications

Landlords of rental properties have certain obligations to their tenants. One of which is the obligation to ensure that an annual gas safety check is made. Read our blog to find out why it matters. 
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Plan to tackle sexual harrasment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is still, unfortunately, widespread and commonplace. The Women and Equalities Commission has recently published a new report on this topic. Read our summary of the main points.  

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Contract for services found to be an employer/employee relationship

Who owns the intellectual property rights of works created in an employer and employee relationship? Find out more by reading our article. 

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