5 January 2018 | Amanda Boyd

    Employment law 2018

    We have created an infographic [pdf] highlighting a few of the changes to look out for, some expected some not. Throughout the year they will be blogging on the following hot topics and much more:

    • Parliament’s legislative response to the recommendations put forward in the Taylor Review, in particular the employment status of those working in the “gig economy”.
    • Any eventual agreement with the European Union regarding the terms for migration of EU workers into the UK, post Brexit.
    • Will the Court of Appeal rule that workers performing, “sleep-in shifts”, should be paid NMW for the full shift or only for the hours when they are awake?
    • Following, the European Court of Justice, judgment in the case of Sash Windows v King, will the Court of Appeal rule that employers now have to pay backdated holiday pay to individuals incorrectly labelled as self-employed for the entire period of their employment?

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