elXtr: Real law for real businesses – made easy

Whether you are a broker, MGA or specialist scheme, you know that your relationship with your
clients is not just about insurance, it’s personal; you want them to succeed, ride out the tough
times and be in control of day-to-day business issues. Abbey Legal understands that: in fact, 85%
of what we do for firms has nothing to do with insurance, but everything to do with helping them
with everyday legal issues around employment, health and safety, trading and contracts, cyber, data
protection, debt and insolvency. That’s why we developed elXtr, the online business legal
resource, powered by our in-house firm, LHS Solicitors LLP.

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elXtr has saved firms £1.2m in equivalent business legal costs

elXtr is a trusted and dynamic source of specialist back-up, designed for firms wanting to take
control of everyday business issues and risks. It includes:

  • 630 DIY contracts, policies, forms, and letter templates covering every area of business from employment to intellectual property, health and safety to data protection and insolvency
  • 260+ straight-forward guides, 330 links to key resources, 80+ lawyer summaries of specific legal processes
  • Expert application for specific sectors like cyber, care, property and Scotland
  • Comprehensive but easy-to-use

elXtr delivers a unique benefit for membership organisations, and clear dashboards that give a real-time view of the real-life business priorities of members.

Adding real value for your SME clients 

When you work with Abbey Legal, your clients automatically benefit from access to elXtr. They have the freedom to manage their business issues themselves, using expert tools and practical guidance created by legal specialists, safe in the knowledge that should they need more support, it will be there for them.

On average, an SME will face four legal problems a year: 90% will want to DIY

Being a successful, growing business is hard work; your clients require the best support when they need it, and for it to be delivered in a way that suits them best. For brokers, MGAs and specialist schemes, elXtr enables you to support your client when they want to take control of business legal issues themselves, but with the option of plugging into the expert Abbey Legal framework, including 24/7 emergency risk management and bespoke legal expenses cover when needed, on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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