Abbey Legal is rebranding to Markel

Abbey Protection Group and its associated Abbey Legal branding, has been part of Markel since 2014. Markel is a 5-star rated commercial lines insurer, which meets the needs of major businesses, SMEs, professionals, and sole traders.

We’re therefore delighted to announce that, from May 1, Abbey Legal is rebranding to Markel, in line with the wider Markel strategy to bring all products and services under a single UK brand.

Abbey Legal BTE is becoming Markel Legal Expenses Insurance 

Abbey Legal Protection’s commercial legal policy has been underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company since 2014, and this will continue to be the case. This means that, following the name change, it will still be business as usual. 

Abbey Legal ATE is becoming Markel After The Event Insurance Services

Abbey Legal ATE will also move to Markel branding on May 1. This will also be a change of name only, meaning your usual exchanges with us, and the level of service we provide you with, will not be changing. 

What impact will this have? 

The legal status of any arrangements with us, and your rights under the existing legal relationships, won’t be affected by the rebrand. 

From 1 May, this website and our Abbey Legal social media accounts will close and you’ll be able to find us within the insurance section of our new website, along with @MarkelUK on Twitter and Markel UK on LinkedIn. If you try and access any of our websites you will automatically be redirected to

Our people and their contact phone numbers will be remaining the same. Email addresses will be updated to addresses, but these will all be available in our documentation and on our website from May 1. 
If you have any questions, or would like to find out why you should Expect More from Markel, please do not hesitate to contact your existing relationship holder, call us on 0345 350 1099 or email